Here at A Listening Life we seek to create space for you to slow down and listen deeply to your life. We believe engaging spiritual practices, art, movement, nature and spiritual reflection will bring refreshment, integration and increased clarity to your life.

All of our services seek to nurture and empower our clients toward a deepened awareness and capacity to notice where God is present in the whole of life.


Spiritual Direction

spiritual guidance, holy listening, spiritual friendship, sacred journeying.

Spiritual Direction is the art of listening carried out in the context of a trusting relationship. 

"Spiritual guidance is being present in the moment, seeing and honoring the sacred mystery of the soul of another. It is witnessing this mystery and reflecting it back in word, prayer, thought, presence, and action. Spiritual guidance is modeling a deep relationship with the Divine and standing in faith and love with the other as that relationship unfolds. Spiritual guidance is a journey of deep healing and an affirmation of Holiness (wholeness), the Sacred, and the Mystery of all of life."

Carol A. Fournier, MS, NCC, Interfaith Spiritual Director/Guide, Silver Dove Institute, Williston, Vermont, USA



Permission to Pause

Permission to Pause is an experiential Mini-Retreat that offers a unique combination of creativity, movement and nature to aid our participants in deeper listening to self and God. Woven through our custom designed gatherings we make simple spiritual connections that relate to the everyday issues we face in the middle of life. We believe that God is present in every aspect of life, even and especially in the most mundane issues we face. Those “muddy” everyday details of our lives are exactly where we usually get mired and lost.

Our approach is one in which we create a hospitable environment to gently invite our participants to slow down and consider the wonder of how God is coming to him/her in the present circumstances of his/her life.  Participants will leave with a sense of refreshment and encouragement to continue attending to the holy moments bursting forth in daily life. 

Ideally, Permission to Pause and all our Retreat offerings will help participants experience a greater level of clarity to meet those “muddy” life moments with increased honesty, authenticity and openness.

Other Retreats

We also offer a variety of other Retreats that can be developed to fit your timeframe, topic/theme, and setting. 

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teaching, preaching, workshops

Rebecca is passionate about living a listening life and inviting others to awaken to the truth that living such a life connected to God is available to all. Topics involving spiritual practices, life's paradoxes, transitions and thresholds on life's journey and transformation are especially interesting to Rebecca. She is willing to work with you to shape the message needed and desired in your setting.


Listening Groups

One hour of quiet to practice presence
to self, others and God.

Listening groups offer a guided one hour quiet experience in which participants practice deep listening. We begin to notice what is going on inside ourselves. We become present to self. We listen with our whole being and without words to others. We become present to one another. We begin to tune into the the movements of God in our lives and in the present moment. We become present to God's presence with us.

The facilitator may use art, poetry, music and other elements to guide the listening session.

Camp Fire


Listening, discernment, and innovation for your team, congregation or business

Facing a challenge? Feeling Stuck? Hoping for new ideas and fresh perspective in the context of your job or church? 
Rebecca believes that the best consulting arises out of deep listening. She holds that God is deeply present and active in the space between people and that if we dare to show up, free from agendas, to mutually share and listen deeply to one another, inevitably something new sparks in that space.
Rebecca's consulting style is one of collaboration and reverence for the other as she and the client seek to notice and name what arises in that creative space between them.

Prices vary.
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"I am a feather on the breath of God."

St. Hildegard of Bingen



Becky Przybylski is one of the most uniquely gifted leaders I have known: a symbiotic convergence of training, insight, experience, wisdom, and grace. Her capacity to hear not just what is said but what underlies the words, and to see not just what is readily apparent but what is behind the curtain is extraordinary.
When Becky speaks her voice thunders not with the authority of force or insistence, but with authority of a different kind. It’s the kind of authority that can only come from a life of deep authenticity and courage that is experienced and committed to the path to which it invites another. No other single person has had a more profound impact on my life and leadership.

Steve North

Founder, LifeLine Toledo

Rebecca is so genuine and accepting of anyone. She walks the tightrope between truth and grace so freely. That acceptance and love is something I rarely feel with any other person, which just tells me how rare it is. She has an amazing gift of hospitality and intentionality.  She goes out of her way to help me feel "at home." She also has an amazing gift of creating space for people to encounter quiet, stillness, and to become more aware of the ability to tune into God.

LPC, CWC, Professor

Rebecca is someone who has an amazing ability to conceive ways to help people connect with God. From my perspective, her mini-retreats and gatherings are evidence of:  1) a creative mind that can conceptualize new (and better) ways of doing things; 2) a deep understanding of how to help people open up to the idea of connecting with God and 3) a willingness to strike out and take risks.

Bob Beer 
President, SDG Publishing, Inc.

Becky is an “old” soul. By that I mean she has a depth, wisdom, tenderness, and insight that comes from long hours contemplating the things of God with God. This makes her a wonderful, trusted guide for those who are drawn into searching for goodness and beauty in the world, in their hearts and in others. I warmly recommend Becky as a friend and fellow shepherd in The Way.

Gary Black, Jr., Ph.D.
Author, Professor, Pastor

There is something so safe about being in her presence.


When I think of Rebecca, I think of wisdom, perspective and calm presence.
Some of her gifts are her ability to listen & her wise counsel, her gift for calling others to quiet & listening to their hearts, her intentionality and creative resourcefulness.

Small Business Owner and Retreatant

Becky listened to the spiritual needs of our congregation with compassion.  After a bit of discerning, she proposed and helped us execute a 1/2 day retreat.  She carefully chose Scripture, orated a special reading, created experiential stations, and helped create a space for us to better hear the Holy Spirit.  It was exactly what we needed.  I appreciated Becky’s gentleness, leadership, and insight.  I can’t wait to work with her again!

Melanie Wahlgren
Church member &
Chief Ink! Officer at Experience Ink!

In my experience Rebecca has been a peaceful, present, rooted, spirit filled, listening, calm...guiding light for me. Our conversations are agenda free, open, and rooted in the way of Jesus and the story of Gods interaction with humanity. 
I pray more after I’ve been with her. 
I’ve had my understanding of prayer shaped by our conversations. 


Becky is that awesome mix between patient, wise counselor and curious, playful friend. She's sat with me in grief and doubt, keeping silence when silence was needed, and asking hard questions to guide me to process my thoughts and feelings when those questions needed asked.

Becky was one of the first people to clue me in on ancient and alternative ways of connecting with God, opening up my spiritual eyes to a whole and holy "new" world of faithful living. She helped me see the holiness of fun and joy in partnership with spiritual practices. She is humble, creative, gentle... and at the same time, tenacious, honest, and fun-loving. I appreciate Becky for the way she is approachable, which has helped make God feel more approachable. She has also believed in me, helping me to confront lies I thought about myself, encouraging me to listen for God's voice, and nudging me toward my own gifts and passions.

Amanda Zuehlke
Congregational Life Coordinator at Middleburg Heights Community UCC,
Spiritual Companion and Retreatant